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Carlos Goytia

for State Assembly, 53rd District
Carlos Goytia represents Division I of the Three Valleys Municipal Water District and is an elected representative for residents of the Pomona, Walnut and eastern San Gabriel Valleys. He has been re-elected three times, his latest in November 2022. As a lifelong resident of Pomona, Carlos is dedicated to serving the community through leadership and advocacy. 

As president of Pony United Youth Baseball League, Carlos reinstated three youth athletic programs that had been absent for over three decades in Pomona. He is passionate about youth programs throughout the city and school district, speaking to young people about water conservation and career pathways in water.

"Leadership is about lifting others up!"

— Director Carlos Goytia

Carlos is a vocal advocate on Boards and Committees throughout the San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys, bringing critical issues such as water conservation and sustainability to light. He also revitalized Kennedy Park and served as Parks & Rec Commissioner for eight years, coordinating community events at various parks. 

As a product of the Pomona Unified School District, Carlos is passionate about student-athletes' development and has been a Senior Groundsman since 2001. More recently, he was instrumental in partnering with colleagues to provide essential resources to families during the pandemic, continuing food drives to this day. Carlos’ dedication and work ethics are continually evident.

Carlos Goytia is a devoted and accomplished leader who works tirelessly towards Pomona's enrichment and betterment and the lives of the individuals within it. 
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"Why do I serve?...Because I believe that we can become greater than what we are!"

— Director Carlos Goytia


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